Sugandh Kokila

Sugandh Kokila

Weight : 50ml

₹ 250.00
₹ 125.00


Sugandhkokila essential oil (CinnamomusGlacaucescens) contains a sweet, exotic and mesmerizing scent that can provide much-needed relaxation after a hectic and strenuous day. The aroma combines the hints of cinnamon and eucalyptus-like notes and very popular in perfumes.

Sugandhkokila essential oil is suitable for tropical blends and inhalation. It is ideally utilized in alleviating issues pertinent to immune support, joints, muscles, breath, head, throat, chest, boosting energy, insomnia, depression, and reducing mental and emotional stress. You can use sugandhakokila oil in a bath oil to relax achy muscles and massage on legs, feet and joints to induce warmth and energy.

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